Update from the Dentist

Connor had follow-up x-rays today, as a result of his spill on Sunday.  First, it is amazing the difference three days can make…and I chuckle as I type that because I think of the three days between Christ being nailed to a cross, then rising again in new life.  So with that perspective, it shouldn’t surprise me that a little boy’s mouth can heal so quickly.  On Sunday, he was bleeding from the gums around his four front teeth, had a major, black hematoma above one front tooth, bit significantly into his lip and had major swelling of the lips and face.

Today, he’s almost a whole new kid!  The swelling has reduced significantly, the gums have stopped bleeding and there is just the one hematoma, but still improved, and a faint line where the lip gashes were.  Ice and salt water do make a difference!  X-rays showed that C did not crack his baby or his permamnent teeth, but we will need to watch him very closely over the next 6 months because nerve damage will not show on an x-ray.  If the nerves were impacted and deadened, his tooth/teeth will abcess.  So, we are thankful that yesterday’s news was good, and we pray that his teeth do not abcess and that they stay intact.  Whew!  What little boys put us through sometimes, yet, it is amazing how resilient they are!


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