A Thanksgiving Tradition We’d Like to End!

It started with Connor’s first Thanksgiving- we spent the afternoon in the ER since he sounded terrible and spiked a fever, all in a matter of hours. The ER docs took x-rays, etc., and determined that Connor had pneumonia, all at 9 months old.  We spent that Thanksgiving tending to one ill little babe…the next Thanksgiving found us in the not-so-local Children’s Hospital’s ER- ear infection…the one after that upper respiratory infection and croup…so in 2008, when we did not go to the ER over Thanksgiving weekend, we thought we’d broken the unwelcome tradition.

I even, foolishly, caught myself thinking thankfully over the weekend that we were spared an ER visit. Nope, thought so too soon.  Sunday afternoon we took C to a park he likes about 30 minutes from home.  We weren’t there more than 5 minutes when he slipped running up the metal steps to the largest slide on the playground.  Thank God the stairs were enclosed, or we would have been dealing with a fall from over 10 ft. as well- scary!  C landed face first on the metal steps.

Let me pause right here- I have this odd obsession about teeth.  I think I’d rather see most injuries instead of one that has teeth involved.  It’s not rational, I cannot explain it, and thankfully, my dentist accepts me for the freak I am and puts up with my crazy behavior when I need any minor dental work done, such as filling a cavity. Just thinking about it gives me the cold sweats!  And here comes my injured babe running over, and blood coming out of his mouth.

In my head I keep thinking “get it together” and I did, but I will confess that I totally freaked out on the inside to see the blood coming from C’s lips and all around his four front teeth…freaked out even more when I realized the blood in his mouth was from around the teeth/gums and not a result of biting into his lip.  Thank God Mark was with me and deals with this better than I do.  I did whip out the cell phone and called the dentist’s emergency number.  Panicked, and without an immediate response from the dentist, we quickly went to the closest ER.

When we entered, I was dismayed there were SO many people waiting to be seen, but so thankful to learn that our crying and bleeding little guy was triaged to #1 in line and was almost immediately seen by the ER doc.  They opted not to suture anything, our dentist called while we were in the ER, and it looks promising that Connor will keep his front teeth.  Unfortunately, if they were damaged, they don’t do anything to save baby teeth.  We are praying that his teeth remain healthy and intact and have a follow-up and x-rays with our dentist tomorrow.

Whew!  What amazes me is how resilient kids are.  Connor spent Sunday evening with ice packs on his face, swishing salt rinse, and directing his Daddy on how to hang Christmas lights- that’s my boy!  Only two days later, his lip looks almost healed and his gums are looking improved.  I hope this wraps up our ER visits for this year; we’ve had more than our share!


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