Back to Normal or Denial?

Since we are in the waiting phase of Mark’s treatment, and so many unanswered questions at this time, I’m not sure if we’re feeling a little more on the “normal” side of life, or if we’re just burying our heads in the sand in total denial.  Maybe somewhere in between?

C and I have been keeping busy with his school, homework, and getting ready for Christmas!  Kindergarten was the BEST decision for him and he is thriving.  He’s had two tests since going into the classroom and scored 100% on each one.  He is happy, well-adjusted, and has the right balance of challenge and support in his new classroom, plus his teachers are fantastic.  Hopefully I’m done being “that mom” for this school year.  One can always hope.  I’ve been reflective lately…quiet…not much to say here right now either.  Posted some of latest photos below:


When he dresses himself for school


Marley Pumpkinhead

Do boys dress up?

Sure they do!

The whole family does!


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