Sleep Study- Round 2 and Results

So, last Thursday night I went for the second sleep study at the hospital and it was miserable.   Hooked back up with 27 wires, two belts, a pulse ox monitor, multiple electrodes and yes, I can sleep through all of that.  What I could NOT sleep through was wearing the CPAP mask and having air whooshing on my face all night long.  It reminded me of SCUBA diving…and once the lights were out, it reminded me of the fear and claustrophobia I felt during my first dive.

I did finally adjust and at some point got some sleep, but evidently the face mask was too tight and I woke up with a very sore face…which quickly turned into a very bruised nose, bruises under my eyes, and a red sore on the bridge of my nose.  A week later it looks like a terrible sunburn/peel and the brusing is gone.  So, of course, the one weekend I look like I have a broken nose, I run into 10+ people I’ve not seen in ages, plus we had Connor’s preschool picnic, soccer game, and pirate festival.  Good times, awfully sore face and nose.

The doc called me on Monday morning and the poor man got an earful about Thursday night.  He was calling to tell me he was ordering my CPAP machine and I told him I refuse…and furthermore, no one has shared results with me.  So, I do have sleep apnea…apparently when I sleep on my back I stop breathing an average of 22 times per hour, for more than 10 seconds each.  But on my stomach, I average one apnea per hour.  I went on to explain they had to wake me during the first study to sleep on my back, because I am strictly a stomach sleeper.  I got the doc to agree to no CPAP and I agreed to continuing to lose weight.  I’m down 30 pounds since last year, and continue to gain and lose the same 5 pounds right now, so I need to jumpstart somehow.

That’s the latest…the nose is almost healed, I go back to the doc this month, and my blood counts are finally back into an acceptable range.


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