Open House and The Chicken Dance



Connor’s preschool  has a gym instructor who works with the children once a week on creative movement and basic tumbling; now I know why Connor tries to stand on his head around the house.  Their annual open house was last night and I am so very thankful that Connor is finally feeling better and that he was able to join in the fun!  The kids were so sweet showing off their tumbling moves: forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and beam work.  The finale was the Chicken Dance!  Nothing is sweeter than watching a group of 4 year olds do the Chicken Dance with tumbling moves interspersed.  The program ended with each child receiving a medal and certificate, and lot of applause from the proud parents and grandparents.  And we were so proud- the little man was so incredibly well behaved and his teacher made a point to tell us how well mannered and polite he is, as well as being a good listener and a sweet kid.  Yeah, something must be working!



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