Simple Words, Sweet Words


I’m back in the Lonestar state on business and staying at a lovely spa resort…aaaahhhh.  No worries, I’m still working but they opted to put the project team up in some nice digs this time (my favorite in this area) and we are all thankful to have this little perk with all of the hours we put in.  Typical to our schedule and routine when in town, we all met at the bar for a cocktail this evening, then off to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner.  I’ve had a leadership position on this team for a little over a year now, and while it’s had its share of ups and downs, we are a tight knit group.  You know all about both the joy and the pain; those of us thankful for our kiddos, and those who struggle to balance careers with the aging parent with dementia, the spouse with dementia, the spouse who demanded a divorce, the finace who won’t set a wedding date, the child in ICU…the list goes on, as does the care from colleagues.

At the dinner table tonight one of my female colleagues commented that I look like I’d lost weight and I shared that yes, I’d lost some since we saw each other last fall.  Those I am close to on the team know that I’m not comfortable with my weight and it continues to be a challenge for me…and that I am losing, albeit VERY slowly.  After dinner we were all walking back to our cars and one of my male colleagues caught up and fell into step with me, and shared something so simple yet so sweet: full-figured women are just so beautiful- don’t lose sight of that and don’t feel pressured to conform.

Now, no need to call HR with sexual harassment here ladies…this is a good friend of mine on the team who is very happily married (we all joke how sickening it is that he and his spouse are so head over heels with each other).  And his words, not mine, his wife is “full-figured.”  And he prefaced it with “I hope this doesn’t make you uncomfortable or is too personal…”

Actually, no, it was just the little lift that is always welcome.  In a society where our focus is on perfection and unrealistically thin bodies, it was nice to simply hear that beauty can still be found more than skin deep and not in a size 2.  Such simple, sweet words that pack a big punch.


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