The Theme Park…Theme of the Day: Stupidity


Ok moms, if you ever need to feel better about your parenting style, head out into the general public.  We frequent a popular theme park that draws not only locals, but people from all over the country, very much a melting pot of sorts.  Standing in line you can hear the most southern of accents behind you and the most obnoxious of northern in front of you.  I’m from NJ, I can say that.  Yes, God loves us all, but could some of us please not be so stupid?  It’s hard not to pass judgment with the crappy parenting I saw today.  Take a look…

1.  Two parents, three kids…one of which is approx. 6-9 months old.  So instead of the “you take the older two into the 4-D movie and I’ll chill with the little one over here for 25 minutes” the family must have thought it was a fine idea to take the little one into a dark theater…with LOUD sounds, air effects, dizzying flashes of light, vibrating seats, water splashes, etc.  The poor child started crying hysterically the minute the show started.  But wait, it gets better.  Instead of one parent leaving with the frightened child, they stayed and let their child scream for 25 minutes.  Lovely.  You can have the “I-Scared-The-Shit-Out-Of-My-Baby-Today” award.

2.  Bright, sunny almost 80 degree day, higher UV index.  My little guy is slathered in sunblock and wearing his sunglasses- a common, daily routine.  Isn’t the purpose of these parks to have fun?  How enjoyable was it for the 18 month old totally bright red and sunburned, squinting into the sun, and crying while we were waiting in line for a ride during peak heat of the day?  Wow mom, loved those Dolce and Gabbanas- think you could spare $5 on a Wal-Mart pair for your kid and another $5 on sunblock?  Oh, and totally loved the half-naked, crispy sunburned 7(?) year old running around the water play area, looking like this was her annual bath. 

3.  Hmm, I don’t see father of the year coming to this guy.  Let me set the scene: Dad is pushing a stroller, junior falls out and does a face plant, laying on the asphalt crying hysterically.  Dad just stands there and looks pissed off…mom yells at dad for ignoring junior…poor junior is still flat faced and screaming on the asphalt.  Finally, an older sibling had enough sense and responsibility to pick the kid up and check his face, give him a hug, etc.

Don’t worry, I’m not up for mother of the year either, but I’m certainly not joining these nominees to the Darwin awards.  Take heart moms…our houses may not be clean, we may be burnt-out and juggling many responsibilities, but if you love your kids, you take care of them, protect them, and comfort them, you’re leaps and bounds ahead of the general public!



  1. 1
    mommybgood Says:

    Oh man, that’s just amazing. It really almost makes you want to say something, doesn’t it? My blood pressure rises just by being at the playground some days… some parents really make you do a double-take. I suppose it is a morale booster to consider our own parenting styles in comparison:) Thanks for sharing.

  2. 2
    Jen Says:

    mommybgood- Thanks for stopping by and commenting! You’re right, there are many times I’ve wanted to say something, and I’m no wallflower, so speaking up isn’t the issue. For me it is this: how does stating the total and complete obvious positively change the situation? There have been circumstances when I have been able to kindly step in, such as applying sunblock to my own child and offering some for the crispy kid, but even then, the attempts is only about 50% successful. Reminds me of the line from Forrest Gump, “stupid is as stupid does.” I know that sounds very harsh, but some of things I see out there make my jaw drop in disbelief. I feel for those kids- little ones are so helpless, but even more so with inattentive or selfish parents.

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