Mommy Guilt that Ebbs and Flows…

Continued from my previous post…

I can’t do it.  I just cannot have a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party, especially feeling so guilty that Connor really wants his party at home.  I called and cancelled.  Connor and I have compromised: he wants to run around, play games, and hula hoop, and I want him to do all of those things, just not in our house a few days before a major transition (brother moving in), a big vacation, and with our backyard in various and long phases of reconstruction.  On a whim, we stopped by the gym and they host birthday parties, had our date available, and Connor liked the set-up.  He was so adorable taking the tour, asking questions about his party, who would lead the games, etc.; he reminded me of a little old man buying a car versus an almost four year old considering how to live it up for two hours.  He’s happy, I’m happy, and the guilt fades.


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