Thrift Shop Finds

What discoveries await in the thrift shop!  As we play musical bedrooms, which I am still cleaning out, Connor has requested a pirate themed “big boy” bedroom.  He already has a nice navy quilt on his bed, and I can make all of his current furniture work, so I am now seeking some simple pirate decor, that is also functional.  After lunch today I took Connor to the playground, and next door there is a small community thrift shop, with all proceeds going back to the community.  We decided to go explore, and we sure did find some unexpected treasures!

I recently viewed pirate treasure chest toy bins online and they are approximately $200!  I found one, buried behind some furniture, for $20.  It is in perfect shape, with the exception that it needs to be repainted.  I suspect the original owner used it for a little girl’s dress up trunk, as it is covered in leopard print shelf paper with a black maribou boa glued around the edge as trim.  With some elbow grease and a new coat of paint, a pirate chest it will be.  Thankfully, it is already on wheels and has this great gold hardware that lends itself to the pirate theme.  As I was digging the chest out from all the furniture, literally a buried treasure, Connor found a keyholder, shaped like a large skeleton key, for 50 cents.  We’ve already popped the hooks off, sanded it down, and plan to spray paint it gold.  The chest is still in the back of my car (hubby can move it when he gets home), but I will post a photo soon of our great finds today.



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    Dawn Says:


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    Dawn Says:

    hmmm! A it is! LOL

    That was supposed to be “Awesome” but apparently I hit something wrong…

    As I was saying! Awesome find! I went thrifting this weekend and scored a very nice wooden (real wood even) white dresser with lil flowers stenciled on for Ellie. It was 30.00 but the store was having a half off sale and so we got it for 15! Can’t beat that 😉

    Can’t wait to see pictures of Connors bedroom when its all done! 😀

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