The Closet


Simply put, our home is a mess.  The please-don’t-let-my-neighbors-come-to-the-door type of a mess.  Nothing is organized any more, Christmas decorations are still up, and it literally looks like chaos reigns.  Because it does.  The mess sucks me dry, pulling good energy away and depressing me with how overwhelming it all is.  I have this notion that if I can just get this house clean and organized, everyday life will be smoother…more time for family fun and less time cleaning, organizing, and searching for lost items.  And we have way too much stuff; one packrat married another and there is not a spare space in this house of very limited storage.  We do have an attic, but evidently, we cannot put anything up there because there is no floor- just the cross beams.  Truly, I now see this as a blessing in disguise today.  Another lovely surprise was when I called my husband to open the access door to the eaves off my closet (you didn’t think I was going to open that at 10 in the evening, did you?).  The space was EMPTY!  I do recall placing stuff in there when we moved in almost 7 years ago, but at some point, I must have had the sense to clean it out…maybe during my pregnancy nesting mode.  Another plus is there were no beady eyes staring back at us from the eaves.  After an incident with bees taking up residence in our attic two years ago, directly over our bed, I’m constantly afraid some new critter may decide to move in.  Imagine how freaked out I was to hear buzzing over me, deathly allergic, at 4am.  My husband’s response was “it’s nothing, go back to bed.”  Um, no.  I’ll spare you the story of him going out to the shed at 4am to find a ladder, stick his ear to ceiling, and tell me that I must have super sonic hearing.

Back to the closet…yes, there is some storage space, but I must make the most of it.  One situation forcing us to rid ourselves of all of this stuff is that we’ve invited my younger brother to come live with us…which means my husband loses his man cave of a bonus room, and the closet that goes with it.  And now that my son is approaching 4, you’d think I might just take the time to organize and put away his baby clothes, toys, crib, etc.  Yes, it’s that bad.  So our bedroom, which is already such a mess that we are sleeping in the bonus room, looks like a clothing explosion.  My husband was stunned when he came upstairs and saw the mess that I was adding to by starting with my closet.

Here’s the thing: I understand I should focus downstairs, put the Christmas stuff away, etc.  Yep, all on the weekend to do list.  But I had to start with my closet.  If I don’t have the space to properly store what I want to keep, I’m just shoving it elsewhere in the house.  My husband does not get this concept, but he’s upstairs asleep in the bonus room right now, so he’s obviously not fighting it.  I will not finish it tonight, tomorrow, or the next day, but the progress I’ve made tonight is encouraging- already two full bags for DAV pick-up and a jumbo SpaceBag full of my “skinny” clothes that are still stylish and I know I will wear once slimmer than my current size.  Ah…my ultimate goal is reflected in the photo above- a space that reflects peace and serenity- not a mess.


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